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2017-18 Season

Our new programme has now gone live here on our website with lots of interesting links to follow to get to know our performers before they even arrive.

If you've never been to one of our concerts before and you have a few minutes, please have a browse through our past concerts to see what you have been missing.  And all such fantastic value.

We look forwards to seeing you all over the coming autumn, winter and spring.

2015-16 Season

Our regular concert-goers will now be able to delight in the new stage curtaining in Appleby's Public Hall, which was replaced during the summer.  It was with not a little embarrassment that previously we had introduced our international performers onto the stage to a tatty backdrop of torn and safety-pinned rags.  But no more!  Now a splendid navy blue velvet adorns the stage and, with a new lick of paint too, the hall is looking much brighter. 

We are also told that, immediately prior to our first concert, the old metal windows will be replaced with double-glazing units. Theset should provide a much higher level of acoustic insulation from the occasional rorty exhaust blast as the youth of Appleby promenade around the town in their Novas, Civics and Fiestas, just as we're listening to a delicate pizzicato passage from the pen of an18th century composer.  Perhaps it will rob us of the chance of pondering the irony of this juxtaposition of the ages?  Discuss during the interval.

The NWA have also been busy fundraising over the past year and have bought a new, proper concert stool for our visiting pianists.  The old stool had no padding at all and could not be adjusted for height.  After 20 minutes playing, shorter players would start getting pins and needles in their legs - not very conducive to the best performance!   At the same time, with the same funding from The Hadfield Trust, we've purchased some matching music stands to use on stage.  Frequently our musicians travel by train and so will only have their instruments and overnight bag and we end up with a mish-mash of stands on stage.  No more - thank you Hadfield.

2013-14 Season

The new season has now started with a brilliant concert by The Miin-Jin Kym Trio already under our belt.  Visit the Calendar page to see who else is coming and when.