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Mazaika programme 25th September 2016

If we are able to extract anything so formal as a programme from Igor, we shall let you know through this very page but, in the meantime, arrive with an open mind and maybe even a request iin your top pocket.  Even if you have certain expectations, you won't be disappointed!  To find out more about this versatile duo, follow this link:  Mazaika.

For the afternoon's performance (2:30pm - 6:30pm) for Carlisle Argentine Tango's afternoon "From Russia With Love" milonga (the name for an Argentine Tango formal dance), Mazaika will be playing a range of tangos from Russia and Argentina in two 45-minute sets and there will be music by a DJ for the periods between the live sets.  There will be cafe-style seating around the hall and everyone is welcome- dancers or non-dancers alike.  If you've never danced tango before, there is bound to be someone in the room that afternoon who will happily give you a first taste of it around the floor.   Tickets for this event are also £12.00 on the door but, please note that as this is not being promoted by NWA, your NWA season ticket will not cover you for entry to the afternoon milonga.

Sarah Harrison & Igor Outkine - Mazaika Duo      Mazaika milonga poster