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Mazaika programme

Igor becomes enigmatically detached when pressed about programme information for Sunday 15th.  At the other end of the phone, one imagines him gazing to a distant horizon across the ice-blasted frozen wastes of the Steppes searching for the answer on the biting wind.....  Or he could just have been stirring his coffee, full of wist and pense.  He tells us to say that there will be some Russian folk music, a dash of Russian Gypsy, a measure of Hot Club Jazz, a breath of Tango, some opera and bursts of virtuoso classical repertoire.

Sarah Harrison & Igor Outkine - Mazaika Duo

We do sense that the audience may influence the shape of the music for the night. If we rise to the jazz element, then we may open a rich seam of developing improvisation.  Perhaps the tango will bring someone to their feet or a bit of Vivaldi could really spark a surprise.  Igor and Sarah are Versatile with a capital V and we can be pretty sure that, whatever they play, we shall be Entertained.  Capital E.