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Calendar of Concerts  2018-19

These are the forthcoming concerts for the 2018-19 season, all taking place in the Market Hall in Appleby and starting at 7:30pm.  For your own illustrated copy of the concert dates to print off and put on your notice board at home, click HERE.   You might also like to help us by printing one or two off and displaying them in a suitably prominent position in your community - that would be greatly appreciated.

Who's in the line-up this season?

  •  This might now have become a habit - we present to you another season of six concerts, not five as in previous years.  Can you elbow space into your busy diaries for all of these?  We'd like to think that your other commitments may somehow magically become reprioritised into second position in the face of such beguiling talent.


  • Sunday 14th Octoberr 2018 7:30pm- Beth & Flo - Piano duet.   Elsbet Remijn (Beth) and Claudette Verhulst (Flo) jet in from the Netherlands to exercise our faithful Schiedmayer using their distinctive musical flair blended with a hint of theatre and a clear joy in communicating with their audiences.  The main issue for said Appleby audience will be whose hands will you be watching?  How does one divide ones' listening/watching alliances at such a time?  You may wish to count how many times you hear a "wow!" muttered under the breath during the evening.


  • Sunday 18th November 2018 7:30pm - The Solem Quartet.  Amy Tress (violin), William Newell (Violin), Alistair Vennart (viola) and Stephanie Tress (cello) first came together as an ensemble whilst at the University of Manchester back in 2011.  It is well worth following the link (right) to their website, because these scant few lines can barely do justice to the glitter that surrounds the talents of these four musicians and their achievements in their musical careers to date.  Astonishingly versatile, prize-winning, highly acclaimed are three superlatives to start with.  Bring a notebook on the 18th November to pen a few more of your own.


  • Sunday 9th December 2018 7:30pm - PHILIP ATTARD (saxophone) and CHRISTINE ZERAFA (piano)   By the time NWA had managed to book this interesting duo they had already fitted in Cumbrian concerts in Carlisle and Berrier (near Penrith) but, far from stealing our thunder, it is probable that there will be, oh, let's say fourteen extra people in the Appleby audience as a result of their impact ahead of their visit to the NWA series.  We've enjoyed a saxophone quartet in past years with the expected jazz leanings and some surprising borrowing from many musical pots, but this is the first time that we have programmed a saxophone interloping straight into the classical concert repertoire.  Expect new material, but also expect to be seduced by the gentler sax and wonder why it doesn't have a stronger presence outside the jazz world.  Philip and Christine's performance is supported by the Countess of Munster Musical Trust.


  • Sunday 27th January 2019 7:30pm - PARTI CUT  LLOI.  Criw o gogie o ardal Dyffryn Banw ym Maldwyn yw Parti Cut Lloi.  Sorry - I got carried away there for a minute. Pronounced : Party Kit Lloy (with that Welsh toungue-in-the-back-of-the-mouth-curled-up-against-your-molars-with-a-sort-of-a- hiss before you come forward for the 'L" sound), this is a bunch of fellas from the Banw Valley in Montgomeryshire who first got together to enter the National Eisteddfod in 2003.  And they only went and won the first prize in the Folk Party section, didn't they?  Their conductor, Sian James is a famous welsh folk singer in her own right, but clearly has a magical touch to bring together this group of men and pull them into prize winning shape at the first attempt.  The group expressed some concern that, as they sing in Welsh, it is unlikely that anyone in the audience would understand them, but it was pointed out that we had a visiting Ukrainian choir and only one single practising Ukrainian in the audience.  Where's the problem?


  • Sunday 10th March 2019 7:30pm - THE DELTA PIANO TRIO.  If you were unlucky enough to miss the Delta Trio when they came last season, please try not to repeat the same mistake again.  Like season-openers Beth & Flo, the Delta Piano Trio all originally hail from the Netherlands and play with a fascinating combination of extraordinary vigour that is the natural preserve of the younger musician and a musical intuition that normally comes after half a lifetime of playing and living together, breathing the same air and experiencing a long musical journey around the world.  If they sound like this now, what can they achieve in another 25 years?


  •  Sunday 7th April 2019 7:30pm - Chavasse Piano Trio.  Elizabeth Nurse (violin) George Needham (piano) and Joe Davis (cello) all met at Oxford and formed their trio in 2016.  Joe will be familiar to many in our audience as he has now produced three operas in Penrith at St Andrew's with a company formed from many of his talented friends and often local musicians.  The latest, Handel's Acis & Galatea played to a packed church at the end of July 2018.  The trio are now weaving chamber music and concert soloist appearances around their post-grad studies in various conservatoires around the country.



NOTE:  Programme information is often garnered well ahead of a concert and sometimes, as we all know, the best laid plans of mice and men oft gang agley...and so, whilst given in good faith, programmes sometimes do change for a variety of reasons.  If we have prior knowledge, we shall use this website to communicate any such change but the organisers are not able to accept liability for said change if it occurs.